Young Adult Groups

“¡Pon a Cristo” en tu vida, pon tu confianza en él y no quedarás defraudado! “Pon a Cristo” en tu vida. En estos días, Él te espera en su Palabra; escúchalo con atención y su presencia enardecerá tu corazón… tú, querido joven, querida joven, puedes ser un testigo gozoso de su amor, un testigo entusiasta de su Evangelio para llevar un poco de luz a este mundo nuestro”. – Papa Francisco Jornada Mundial de la Juventud Brasil 2013

“Put Christ” in your life, put your trust in him and will not leave disappointed! “Put Christ” in your life … He is waiting for you in His word; listen carefully and his presence will set your heart aflame… you, young man and young woman, can be a joyful witness of his love, an enthusiastic witness to his Gospel to bring some light to this world of ours. ” – Papa Francisco World Youth Day Brazil 2013

This website is for young adults who wish to grow spiritually and serve the Church of Christ. Young adults who have received the call to be servant leaders and who in turn, help other young people to grow closer to Christ.